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DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro to Be Released Soon, STARTRC Brings Exciting Accessories!

It is reported that on April 11, 2024, DJI will unveil the highly anticipated RS4 and RS4 Pro gimbal stabilizers, offering users an even more exceptional shooting experience! We are pleased to announce that STARTRC, as an accessory brand, will also launch specially designed accessories for DJI RS 4 and DJI RS 4 Pro, adding more fun and creativity to your shooting experience!


According to reliable sources, the RS4 and RS4 Pro gimbal stabilizers will feature a series of amazing functions:

✅ One-button vertical shooting: Easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes to meet diverse shooting needs. 

✅ Automatic axis lock: Smartly detects motion status and automatically locks the axis to maintain the stabilizer's balance and stability. 

✅ 3kg payload capacity: Powerful payload capacity suitable for various camera and lens combinations, catering to a wider range of shooting scenarios. 

✅ Extended tilt axis: Innovative design with an extended tilt axis for more flexible adjustment of shooting angles, unleashing your creative imagination. 

✅ Innovative fourth-generation stabilization algorithm: Utilizes the latest fourth-generation stabilization algorithm for smoother and more precise image stabilization. 

✅ Bluetooth wireless control: Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless remote control, allowing you to easily adjust stabilizer parameters for more convenient shooting. 

✅ Supports DJI Focus Pro: Compatible with DJI Focus Pro, providing more accurate focus control to capture wonderful moments.

DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro to Be Released Soon, STARTRC Brings Exciting Accessories! 1

STARTRC will also bring more exciting accessory products to enhance your shooting experience! Stay tuned for the release of DJI RS4 and RS4 Pro, as well as the exciting STARTRC accessory series!

Click here to learn more: www.startrc.com

Thank you for your trust and support for STARTRC. We look forward to embarking on a new chapter in shooting with you!



Date: April 7, 2024


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