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Enterprise Development History

All members will continue to strive to take the company to the next level of development and provide more and better products for aviation model consumers.

In 2008 

The founder of the company was engaged in the research and development of aviation model competitive equipment in Shenzhen,and established a personal aviation model studio.

In 2010

Established Hong Kong STARTRC Technology Co., Ltd. and start to participate in global trade.

June 2012

Established Shenzhen STARTRC Technology Co., Ltd.

January 2016

Joined in the SHENZHEN ASSOCIATION OF E-COMMERCE, which is the most influential business district in China

July 2017

Successfully registered the STARTRC and START trademarks,and created the official website of the www.startrc.com 

October 2017

Authorized as a High-Tech Enterprise with Strong R&D and innovation capabilities and over 200 patents

July 2021

Hired a very ambitious general manager,who has led our company to a new height

February 2022

Shenzhen STARTRC Technology Co., Ltd. branch established in Bantian, Shenzhen.

June 2022

Mr.Zhong joined the company Shareholder team, who is the founder of Shenzhen Haohan Brand Incubation and Development Co., Ltd.

February 2023

Celebrated the 11th anniversary of the company's establishment

June 2023

Created a video Website www.startrc.com

July 2023

Company Middle-Level Partner Policy has put into effect,which has played a great role in the company's development and also promoted the brand's journey to the sea

future development
Brand and Technological Advancement: In our ongoing growth journey, we consider brand and technological advancement as the two crucial pillars. Through relentless efforts, we have established a highly recognized brand and made significant strides in technology.

We will continue to focus on enhancing brand visibility, driving technological innovation to ensure we maintain a competitive edge in the industry and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Employee Development: As we advance in our growth journey, nurturing a talented workforce remains a key focus. We believe that investing in the development of our team is a crucial part of our future success. Through ongoing training, skill-building programs, and mentorship opportunities, we aim to build a highly skilled and motivated workforce that drives our company forward.


We are committed to providing consumers with high quality products at competitive prices and good service, and keep on moving to design or develop more and more valued products for our customers. Contact us if there is any question or inquiry, we will send you our best offer and service.

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