STARTRC Accessories for DJI, Expand the Future of Possible.

STARTRC Accessories for DJI, Expand the Future of Possible

11 Years of Deep Involvement in the Drone Accessory Industry

Create A Vertical Word-Of-Mouth Brand

In the vibrant city of Shenzhen, an exhilarating story is unfolding, and it's the story of STARTRC – Sidafei Technology, an emerging drone accessory brand that first emerged in 2015. Founder Mr. Liao is an avid enthusiast of all things mechanical, and his fascination with machinery has burned brightly since his childhood.


The story commences during his formative years. Mr. Liao was always captivated by the intricate inner workings of machines, and his toys were often disassembled into their constituent parts, driven by his insatiable curiosity. His quest for the mysteries of mechanics guided his educational journey, encompassing a wide array of fields such as electronics, aviation, and engines, expanding his perspective beyond the confines of an ordinary engineer.

As he matured, his passion extended to model aircraft. While working at a traditional private company, his heart remained soaring in the realm of model aviation. Meeting like-minded comrades, they collectively decided to chase their dreams in the boundless blue skies.


In 2006, the innovative atmosphere of Shenzhen ignited Mr. Liao's potential. He courageously left his stable job and, together with his companions, founded STARTRC, commencing the research and manufacturing of model aircraft products. The early days were arduous, as they poured their hearts and souls into a rented house, dedicating themselves day and night to shape their dreams.


However, their efforts were not in vain. With the rise of the drone market, STARTRC found its niche. They prioritized not only aesthetics but also the development of innovative drone accessories, offering an exceptional flying experience. The drone airdrop system emerged as a prominent innovation, utilizing unique algorithms to achieve precise drone delivery. This innovation not only excelled in outdoor rescue and bait casting but also provided novel solutions for gifting and document delivery.

Yet, the path of innovation is never without challenges. Faced with a fiercely competitive market, STARTRC continuously increased its investment in technological research and erected robust technical barriers.  This unwavering dedication gradually paid off, positioning them as leaders in the field of drone-related products.

Today, STARTRC has traversed over a decade of history, evolving from a seedling of a dream into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in design, research, and sales. They dominate the domestic market, boasting a user base exceeding a million users globally, and have garnered recognition and acclaim from numerous drone enthusiasts. Their products are distributed in over 200 countries and regions.


Mr. Liao remains steadfast in his belief that to become a globally renowned brand, one must stay true to their original vision while continuously innovating. The story of STARTRC is not merely the saga of a brand but also an inspiring tale of determination. Regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead, we are determined to forge ahead, creating a more worry-free, secure, and enjoyable experience for our users. This is the narrative of STARTRC, a legendary journey filled with opportunities, eagerly anticipating the participation and witness of our agents, as well as the collective establishment of a new chapter in brand representation, distribution, franchising, and the pursuit of the utmost in user experience.

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Our Team
Shenzhen STARTRC Technology Co., LTD is a collection of design, development production and sales integration of enterpriseswhich is specialized in designing and making accessories for RC drones and action cameras. 
STARTRC's Product Development Department is the key to our brand's success. Our team consists of outstanding engineers, designers, and visual artists from around the world, all of whom possess rich experience and innovative thinking. We are committed to developing cutting-edge drone accessories and gaming equipment to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our research and development team prioritizes product quality and performance, ensuring that each product represents excellence. In the areas of product design, packaging design, and brand image, we have a dedicated team of visual and graphic designers who pay close attention to detail and creativity to ensure that our products stand out in the market while maintaining consistency with the overall brand style.
Our Sales team is a testament to our global capabilities. We have established close partnerships with collaborators from different countries and regions to expand our global market presence. We understand the demands of various markets, formulate corresponding marketing strategies, and work closely with distributors to ensure that our products and services meet the requirements of diverse cultures and markets.
Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. The Quality Department is responsible for ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our team conducts rigorous quality control and testing to ensure that each product delivers outstanding performance and reliability to customers. We are committed to providing impeccable quality to meet customer expectations.
Our Logistics Support Department comprises the Supply Chain, Human Resources, and Finance units, all working together to ensure the smooth operation of the company. The Supply Chain team efficiently manages inventory and logistics, guaranteeing timely product deliveries. The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting and nurturing outstanding talent, dedicated to building an efficient team. The Finance Department manages the company's financial health. These departments collaborate closely to provide robust logistical support for our global development and investment initiatives.
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What Do We Offer
International Product Line Support / Global Marketing Strategy Support / Global Social Media Support
11 years of Industry Expertise / Research and Design Support / Global After-Sales Support / Professional Customer Service Support
Stable Supply / Quality Control / Quick Respond
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