Intelligent aerial photography equipment benchmark

Wisdom is beauty and ingenuity is made

  • Brand advantage – startrc brand has been registered in many countries, and the sales volume of startrc brand products is also among the best on the mainstream e-commerce platform. Its product quality has been highly recognized by customers in many countries. Startrc’s brand influence is slowly approaching international brands in the industry.

  • Technical advantages – we have a technical team engaged in aircraft model work for many years, test new products and change interest on old products, solve all pain points and difficulties of aircraft model players, and achieve the ultimate customer experience.

  • Service advantages – 24 hours online, 48 hours delivery, incoming quality inspection, strict inspection of delivery, and delivering products to customers with quality and quantity. Perfect customer service system, intimate after-sales follow-up, and all take better customer service as the principle.

  • Price advantage – mature development mode and strict quality control. Mass customization and mass production seek the maximum price advantage on the premise of ensuring the quality of high-quality products, so that customers can win at the starting line.

  • Qualification advantages – focus on aircraft model and surrounding accessories for 12 years, with a professional and innovative R & D team, a united and progressive sales team and high-quality and stable partners.

  • Operational advantages – it has an e-commerce operation team with many years of Internet experience to create a variety of high-quality explosive products leading the industry.

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